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Growing up people probably played peek a boo with you when you were little. Chances are that you were so young that you don't even remember playing the game. But as you got older and began to be around young kids you probably were on the other end of the game and you were the one that was hiding behind your face behind something and then popping out and surprising a little kid. Peek a boo can provide entertainment and laughter for hours at a time. As you know the game is simple and can be played pretty much anywhere but why does this work? After reading I found the answer, it has to do with the concept of object permanence. Object permanence is an idea that little kids lack, it is the concept that an object is present even when it is hiding behind another object. When little kids see something that is covered by something they do not realize that it is still there they believe that it has disappeared. What this means for little kids is that when you are playing peek a boo when you hide your face behind something to them it is like your face has vanished. When you uncover your face it's a shock to them. To little kids it seems as though your face has appeared out of nowhere. Even adults would be entertained by this however as we get older we develop our object permanence and we realize that even when a person's face is covered that it is still behind the object that is covering it. peek-a-boo.jpg


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I find this concept extremely fascinating because as an "adult" I find this kind of entertainment very childish. However any kid would see this as equivalent to playing a video game or watching a great movie. I feel like people are taking more and more stimulation in order to become entertained. How great would it be if instead of having to keep finding new ways of entertainment, we could still be entertained by the few simple things.

I have had much experience with playing peek-a-boo with my cousins and my boyfriend's niece. It seems like so much fun for the child but if you try it on an older person you don't receive any laughs. The idea of object permanence is very interesting to me. I’m not sure how they really determined this idea, considering we don’t know what young children are thinking. But, object permanence seems to be shown in other ways as well. When you hide a toy behind your back the baby either forgets about it or cries because it’s gone. This could demonstrate object permanence as well.

I've always loved how excited kids get when you play peek-a-boo with them. It's adorable how easy it is to make them so happy. I never really understood why they liked it so much, but it makes sense now that I know a little more about the way they see things.

I also had never realized why children loved playing peek-a-boo so much until after reading this chapter. It is interesting that children truly believe that once you hide behind your hands that your face has vanished. It is also interesting to think that at one point in time we also thought this same thing when we lacked object permanence.

I had never realized that kids enjoy peek-a-boo so much because of object permanence. The way they laugh when adults say boo and show their faces is way to precious and naive. However, it makes more sense now why they get so excited and happy to see the person's face again, they honestly don't know it was behind the hands!

When I read about this in the textbook I found it to be an interesting concept as well. I had played peekaboo as a kid as well and had always assumed the cause had something to do with the child's lack of intellect regarding where the face goes. The idea that children use the train of thought of "out of sight, out of mind" is a very interesting and seemingly valid explanation to their reaction to the game.

I wish I could still be entertained by this game... Yet I am happy that I have acquired the understanding of object permanence! Imagine a world where no one could achieve this. We would be very confused and easily entertained individuals..

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