Remembering to Remember

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memory-cartoon.jpgThe thing I will remember the most from PSY1001 5 years down the road will have to be about how our memory works. It should have seemed obvious that our different senses remember things differently, like our iconic (visual) and echoic (sound) memories remember things for different periods of time. Also, the concept of how our short-term memory works. The diagram in the textbook of the three-memory model made a lot of sense to me. Unless we make something in our short-term memory meaningful, we either can constantly rehearse it, or we forget it. I have already began to incorporate strategy like chunking, or elaborative rehearsal to remember small things in my daily life, like picturing the hands of a clock in my mind to remember when something starts, instead of just the number. Just having a basic understanding of how your brain retains memories can save you a lot of stress if you know how to efficiently remember important things in your daily life. And for this reason PSY1001, I thank you. memory-cartoon.jpg


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Nice blog. I also found this section of the text very interesting although it made me less motivated to study because I figured I would just forget something else so I didnt see the point. I also found the mnemonics devices very helpful.

Good post, the memory unit was interesting to me also. I get what you were trying to say and it could be interesting to see you you make the idea of remembering these things important enough to switch it from short term to long term memory.... did you see what I did there? ;)

I definitely found the memory section to be very helpful in giving me insight into my own habits when studying. All you say is true about making something short term into long term. Just like you, I did not realize all this about myself until we learned more about how our memory works best. Simple things like mnemonics we learn to appreciate. Hopefully I will "Remember to Remember".

I also thought the memory unit was very interesting and useful. My memory isn't very good sometimes, but based on what we learned in class, I now know some ways to help me improve my memory.

This is an excellent topic to blog about especially with the Final coming up. It's a great way to see the results of using the tried and true methods of learning material such as chunking.

The fact that we need to make things meaningful in order to remember them baffles me. I think we remember things that aren't necessarily meaningful, but just not for a long period of time. I hope I can remember some things that aren't very meaningful to me, like math and such.

I also realized after this section, that for many tests in high school I wasn't truly learning anything when i studied, just merely placing random facts into my brain. I kinda changed my ways after thinking through my methods of studying, but habits are hard to break.

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