Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

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For the last few years, one of the most hotly debated topics in America has been the question of whether homosexual couples should be able to get married. Specifically I will discuss the issue of whether or not homosexuality is a choice, as it has become a major part of the debate. If it were a choice, then gay marriage would arguably be unnatural and banning it would be more defendable. However, I believe that the idea of homosexuality being a choice is ridiculous. True, one's sexuality is likely not entirely determined by one's genes. The textbook tells of an experiment which shows that even identical twins, with 100% identical genomes, can often have different sexualities. However, this only proves that sexuality is more complicated than simple DNA, which has nothing to do with choice. Even if sexuality were entirely determined by environment, it would still be chance and not the decision of the person in question. I have never heard of a person of any sexuality who chose to be that way, and I am fairly certain that few such people ever existed. Even the stories in textbook of gay men who were 'corrected' to be straight turned gay again within a matter of years. So I don't think there can be any debate about the fact that homosexuality is not a

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I agree with your statement about how homosexuality is not a choice. And I really like that pie graph of yours.

The "debates" around homosexuality are ridiculous. The belief that being gay is a choice simply doesn't make sense to me; why would someone choose to ostracize him/herself from what's considered normal society unless they have to to be truly happy with someone they love? Even though homosexuals have come a long way over these past few decades, there is still incredible stigma surrounding them. I believe society won't be able to improve until we treat homosexuals the same way we treat everyone else, and that means allowing them to be actually married.

I agree that homosexuality is not a choice. I also do not believe that society should decide who is able to be married. Marriage is between two people and if they are happy with their situation that is up for them to decide. Therefore, gay marriage should be made legal in my opinion.

Great figure :) Sexual orientation is most likely genetic, or at least a large part of it is. What I don't understand is that even if it was a "choice," why should that matter so much anyway? I don't think it should make a difference as to whether or not a person chooses homosexuality or can't help it, just as it shouldn't matter what types of clothes we "choose" to wear or what we "choose" to believe.

I am a strong believer that sexual orientation has a lot to do with genetics. A lot of people do not one day decide they wish to be homosexual, it is not a choice, i feel it is more of a feeling that lives deep within you and one day emerges a long with your sexual drive. I do not feel that society has the right to decide who should be together and who should not. We as a country are making a lot of progress toward gay marriage and i hope to continue to see that progress.

I agree with your statement. I mean there can be some influence by the genes and environment but those things affect our personalities as well which means that every aspect of yourselves are a result of this, which is not entirely true, isn't it? On the other hand, people should stop worrying about other people's lives, isn't that so? Firm

I like the graph that you put up on here :) I agree with you 100% that one's sexuality is not a choice and the notion that it is is absolutely absurd. Maybe most people on here feel strongly in the same way because we are the new generation and it has become so normal in our lives? Maybe some people just can't grasp the concept still? Who knows, but I for one defiantly believe that people should be able to marry who they want regardless if it is the same sex or not. Like you have shown above, two people in love marrying each other is not going to cause any thing but what it is!

Recently, I just watched a movie about two gays. One of them is willing to show people that he is a gay,but another one doesn't want to tell others. Even he want to get married with a woman to conceal his sexual orientation. In my opinion, I support that gay marriage can be legal. I think it's free to choose the style of your marriage if couples have common consciousness. We have to respect the choice of gay because it's their marriage and happines.

I agree with your post completely.For those who believe that being gay is a choice, I always want to ask them: can you choose your own feelings? I certainly can't.It's an odd concept that we don't get to decide our feelings. Something that feels like it should belong entirely to us is essentially out of our hands. Keeping this in mind, I feel it should make us that much more accepting of other people's feelings, and of the people that they love.

Love your topic and blog. You gave really great points that supports your reasoning I agree that it is not a choice and that people can't pick their sexuality whether it has to do with nature, nurture, environment, or whatever it may be. Your graph puts a lot into perspective about the consequences of gay marriage.

Great post! I agree that people cannot choose whether to like girls or guys. I think it is mostly genetic, also. I is absurd that people think it is a choice whether or not to be gay. I think more people are becoming open to the idea of gay marriage, though. I hope one day in the near future gay marriage will be legalized. Like your graph says, nothing bad will happen to anyone if gay marriage is legalized.

I think people are free to choose their lover, no matter their gender. Homosexual people have the same right to do things they want. People should respect them. However, in some other countries, people can't accept gays, think they are wired and even discriminate them .That's really unfair.

I like to think of it this way- how many of us "choose" to be heterosexual?
I think in those terms, its easier to understand that homosexuality isn't a choice, and then when you take into consideration how they are other species of animals that can be homosexual too (take bats and bonobos, for example) you realize it's not just a human thing.
However, even if I believed it was a choice, or if it was a choice- they're real people too. And deserve happiness regardless of what others think they should do.

I completely agree. Studies have shown that humans are far from the only members of the animal kingdom that have homosexual members. Even animals like birds and fish have been known to display homosexual behavior. Besides that, even if it was a choice, who are we to tell other people how to live their personal lives? This whole issue has been blown way out of proportion. That pie graph is really funny by the way.

I agree that homosexuality is genetic, but there are also environmental factors. It is just like other human personality characteristics, it is not completely genetic and it is not totally environmental or as some say "choice" based. Finally, I agree there is no reason why two homosexuals may enter into some form of civil union.

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