The Big Fat Middle Finger

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The more I learn about IQ and psychology in general, the less and less respect I have for the testing and for the profession. The whole IQ testing controversy stems from one simple idea: Humans are gods and can (certainly deserve to) know exactly how intelligence works. As we have seen from the eugenics movement, this idea can have disastrous results. Nevertheless nature (pun totally intended) seems to have won again and keeps throwing us curveballs. Whenever humans "think" we've reached a conclusion, nature goes ahead and shows us a different result. No matter what we may do, there's always an alternative explanation or some other reason. Who knows, maybe there is a great big spot on the brain saying exactly this: "Yeah Right".


It seems that psychology is certainly treading on thin ice here. When an entire profession can't agree on what is important, or even what is considered to be right something is wrong. People will argue that this is the case with every scientific branch, occupation, or other aspect of life, but in my opinion, psychology is especially apt to be 'wishy-washy' giving no definitive answers. Just my personal opinion, but I have a hard time lending any credibility to something that is so ambiguous and undefinitive.


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I think you're giving other fields of science way too much credit here. Granted, psychologists have a lot of differences in opinion, but they're far from the only field where people disagree. Look at economics for example. Every 4/8 years we get a new President with new economic policies. We can't even completely agree on what policies worked and which ones didn't. And while I agree that putting complete faith in a single number, supposedly representative of the entire brain's functioning is ridiculous, IQ obviously has value. There's a correlation between IQ and grades, achievement, and even success in the work environment. Granted, it's not perfect and is always being refined, but it clearly holds some relevance.

I agree that society should not just rely on an IQ test, it isn't all that credible. However I do disagree on the factor that IQ testing does have solid correlations to the job industry and people's intelligences. I realize that IQ testing will not be 100% accurate, but it is a pretty solid determinant to see what are your strengths and weaknesses academically.

Happiness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. As long as you are happy you have a better mindset of your personal goals in life.

I think you made some good points throughout your post. I agree with how psychology seems to be very ambiguous and undefinitive, however there's a ton of research that points to reliable conclusions. IQ testing should not be a sole determining factor for jobs, however it does offer a number of key factors when making a decision on who to hire.

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