The Most Complex Character on TV

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Perhaps one of the most complex (and hilarious) characters on television is Dr. Cox from the television show Scrubs. When viewed through the different facets of the Big 5, we come to see just home complex of a character he really is. As shown in the clip above, Dr. Cox feels the need to always be right. In this way, and in the way that he talks to Elliot, he shows a very low level of Agreeableness. He also scores low on Openness because he was unresponsive to Elliot's ideas. He is very stuck in his ways, from experience and out of habit. The one quality that sets Dr. Cox apart from all of the other doctors as Sacred Heart, is his extremely high level of Extroversion. Dr. Cox possesses the ability to talk to anyone, and even though he doesn't seem to show it, he needs to company of others to be happy. Again, illustrated by the clip above, Dr. Cox would score extremely low on the Big 5 scale for Concientiousness. When he is advising Eliot, he doesn't take into account her feelings, and doesn't consider anyone else. And finally, Dr. Cox is not very Neurotic, he doesn't worry about what other people think about him, and he doesn't exhibit signs of stress from a profession that is very stressful.


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That was an extremely good explanation of Dr. Cox! I find it interesting to think about the personalities of different TV characters and to compare them to the characters on other shows. It's pretty easy to relate one character to another character on a completely different show, as most shows feature characters that fairly similar.

I think it's really cool that you took the Big 5 and applied the scale to a TV character. They often have extreme personalities, so it's easier to separate which categories they fall into. It would be interesting to take a character from my favorite TV show and see how the Big 5 applies. It's also good practice for when you want to use it on real people!

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