The Scientific Method

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The most important thing I learned in this class was the importance of using the scientific method when evaluating claims. To me this means using these ideas whenever possible. If somebody describes a story, il say something like "You're wrong! thats anecdotal evidence and violates the scientific principle of replicability". If somebody proposes a very elaborate explanation of an event I interject and say "You're forgetting about Occam's Razor". Because of how often I use aspects of the scientific method with my friends, I know that it will be with me for a very long time. Hopefully through my continuous, and sometimes annoying, use of the method more people will start to think more scientifically.


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I definitely agree that these were some of the most important things in the class. I actually wrote my blog on the same thing. The fact that they kept being enforced throughout the semester really made me remember them and stressed their overall importance to all sciences.

I agree this is something that was very important to this class and it will also be something that you can apply to the rest of your life in everything that you do

I also think the methods to evaluating scientific claims will be very important in our everyday lives. From now on when I see an advertisement claiming that taking a certain pill will help you lose weight or doing "such and such" will make you smarter, I will remember the ways to go about evaluating these claims, instead of being fooled by the advertisements.

Yes i agree with everything you said and I also think the scientific method is very important. It is something that you can use very extensively for the next couple of years and in certain situations in real life and I'm adding length to my useless comment. It is very important to evaluate all scientific claims with an open mind also.

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