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Looking back at what I have learned over the semester, one thing that comes to mind is the twin study that was conducted here at the University of Minnesota. In the study, 130 identical and fraternal twins were reunited after being separated immediately after birth and growing up in different families. When comparing the personalities of each twin, researchers found that identical twins who did not grow up together in the same environment were no more alike in personality than identical twins who did grow up in a shared environment. Researchers were able to conclude that shared environment plays very little role in the type of personality a person will have as an adult.


This finding was very surprising to me. I had always figured that how a person is raised and the type of environment that person is raised in would be a very important factor in determining a person's personality, but this is not the case. So when we want to claim that a person's personality is what it is because of how that person was raised as a child, we should think twice and consider other factors. The results also show the importance of genetic factors on personality, so we should also keep that in mind. I think the twin study is definitely something I'll remember five years from now.


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I really like your topic! I think that the findings of twin studies are surprising and interesting. Before this class I also thought the environment played the main role in personalities. It's still hard to think that genetics is the main factor because it seems like the environment would have the affect from experiences and what not!

I also found this study very interesting. I know two identical twins in the study who were raised together. It is cool that this monumental study was conducted right here at the U. I was also very surprised that environment does not play a huge role in personality.

This study was very interesting to me because my Mother is actually a twin and next time they are together, I'm going to be keenly looking for similarities and differences in personality.

I thought this was interesting too. But I had two friends when I was growing up that are fraternal twins. They were raised in the same environment. And while they are similar in certain ways, they had different personalities. One was more of a studious personality and was more serious. The other was more wild and liked to go on adventures and be outside. It was always interesting to me that they were twins, and grew up in the same environment, yet they were so different in personalities.

I, too, found the twin studies to be intriguing. It was surprising for me as well to learn about how environment plays a small role in determining personality between twins. I especially liked learning about the twin studies throughout the course because my dad has an identical twin, which was confusing for me as a child, haha. My dad and his twin brother are identical in appearance, but not so identical in personalities!

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