What Moves Us

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Psychology has been a very interesting class to me. I think I will remember many things that I have learned over the course of this semester. If I had to pick just one that would be most memorable to me I would have to pick Emotion and Motivation from chapter 11. I find it fascinating to understand why we do the things that we do. I think that the different theories of emotion, such as the James-Lange theory of emotion, the Two Factor theory of emotion, and Cannon-Bard theory of emotion are very interesting. I am also astonished at how powerful and important non-verbals are. It is interesting that most of our everyday communication is non verbal and how much information you can interpret from the cues. The most fascinating concept to me, however, is that of Motivation. I loved learning about what motivates us in our behaviors and pursuits in our everyday lives. I think Attraction and everything that has an effect on it is extremely interesting such as things like what makes us attracted to someone and the factors that can affect that like reciprocity, similarity, proximity etc. Understanding the concepts in emotion and motivation can be extremely helpful and insightful in real life. I am grateful to have been in this class and for the opportunity to learn about psychology.


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I also found this information to be very interesting however there was so much that was thrown at me at once and all of the concepts and idea are pretty similar that I dont think I could/will remember it all

This is a really useful chapter, especially while people feeling bad and trying to find some deep reason for what and why.

I also agree that this was interesting. It's weird to think that things in life make different people react different ways. One thing that makes me mad might make another person happy. And that has much to do with memory. If there's a commercial on for Mall of America I might get happy bc I had a lot of great childhood memories there, and someone else might have gotten lost there as a child and gets upset when they see this commercial. It's weird how emotion is so different for different individuals.

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