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When commenting on the blogs, I realized that my previous post had not been posted, so here it is, much later than intended!
One of the things that will really stick with me is the information on facial expressions and how to identify them, because I have recently gotten into the show Lie to Me. It got canceled after 3 seasons, probably for good reason, but I still like it. I had a long bus ride and only a phone with Netflix to entertain me. One of the recommended TV shows was Lie to Me so I gave it a shot and it was actually interesting and it really connected the facial expressions to something real--lie detection.

In the show, the detectives use minute facial expressions to tell if individuals are lying. A lot of the ones that are usually used are disgust and anger. Disgust is especially used because it is evidently the greatest indicator of hatred, not anger. I put a video clip in here about the show. It's a little preview part to show some of the things that are actually addressed in some of the episodes.

Now I'm just that weird person who's attempting to use TV show concepts in real life and turn myself into a human lie detector, but it is genuinely applicable. Because of the show, I now have a connection to a concept, and it will probably stick with me in my new endeavor to become a lie detector. I'll always remember this psych class when I'm trying to see if someone's being deceptive, although I will most likely fail at my goal.


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This is an interesting post competing against something as complex as a polygraph test. It is compelling to know that one can judge aspects of a person's given moral's to a degree which is all dependent upon body language, namely in the facial expressions. One thing that really got me was the ability to distinguish between a fake smile and a real one. It's all in the eyes so when I give a "fake" smile to an ugly girl, I sure hope she isn't able to make this connection.

I did my third blog post on human lie detection. I find this kind of stuff very interesting and also applicable in every day life. It's nice knowing a few of the indicators that can give away someone who is lying to you. That skill could be very helpful in life. That TV show also looks pretty cool and I will definitely have to look into that.

This is a really interesting post, but how effective is this in real life? i watch the show too and i often feel like they are exaggerating how effective this works.

Wow, how come I never seen that show before, it shoud be a new one, but it does seem pretty captivating and intrigung indeed! I am going to look up to it for sure and have to applause you for the ambitious goal you have set for yoursef! I believe that everything we can conceive, we can achieve, so if you keep practicing and studying the way that the mechanism used in the show works, I am sure you will progress!

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