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It has not always been known that the brain is the organ which creates our thoughts. Many ancient cultures thought that the heart was the organ which created mental activity. We now understand that the brain is a wonderful and complicated organ which is made up of neurons. These neurons communicate with each other through chemical reactions, and communicate within themselves through electric activity. These communications are what we commonly call thought.

It is generally accepted in psychology that our nervous systems have the ability to change and grow. These changes are most likely to occur during early childhood years as the brain has yet to fully develop.
The central nervous system encompasses the brain and spinal cord. Scientists divide it into six different sections which all do different things to control the body. These six sections are: the cortex, the basal ganglia, the limbic system, the cerebellum, the brain stem and the spinal cord.
A system similar to, but not connected with the nervous system is the endocrine system. This system controls the release of hormones and molecules which control certain organs. Three main types of glands including the pituitary glands, the adrenal glands and the sexual reproductive glands supply many of the most essential hormones which tell our body what to do.

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