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In the article, "Beyond Nature vs. Nurture: Parental Guidance Boosts Child's Strengths, Shapes Development" published by Science Daily, researchers claim to have uncovered a solution to the nature vs. nurture debate by parents incorporating nature into the way that they nurture their children. After reading and analyzing this article, it is clear that some interesting points are made however; there are many questions to be asked as well. First, the article states that the parents are able to guide their children by nurturing their genetic characteristics and developing them into great strengths. What the article fails to identify is the issue of the genetic characteristics and personality traits being negative ones, such as aggression, that are difficult to nurture into strengths. Another extremely important possibility to consider is the natural behavior of children, and the fact that often, kids stray from what their parents enforce on purpose. With this in mind, parental guidance in one direction could easily backfire and cause the children to try and develop in the opposite direction.
Personally, my initial reaction to the article was that it is a new approach to the timeless debate, and while there are several questions brought up, there is some truth to the claims. I appreciated that instead of trying to push for one side of a debate that is extremely common, these researchers combined evidence from both sides to come up with an intriguing hypothesis.

The Placebo Effect

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In a world where medical advancement, research, and attention are increasingly important and always developing, I found the placebo effect to be a surprising pitfall in experimental design. To summarize, the placebo effect is simply when people see improvement in a condition because of the expectation that there will be improvement. A common example of this is when patients are given "dummy pills" or sugar pills to treat an ailment, and they see results solely from the pill being given to them.
I find this concept extremely interesting and relevant, because almost everyone goes in for medical treatment at one time or another in their lives. Being aware of the placebo effect and avoiding it are steps everyone should take. While the placebo effect has shown effectiveness in subjective conditions such as types of depression, it is not always effective in severe cases, and even when it is, the effects are not as long lasting as real medication.

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