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Needing and Getting

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Ok so the following is not an explicit advertisement, but once you watch it I believe you will be easily able to identify what it is.

This OK Go song and video was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for the Chevy car the band drives. The most of you, like me, were able to quickly identify what the song is from and what they were trying to sell. I found this very interesting. Here I was able to see a thirty second clip of a song from a relatively high profile pop culture icon (OK Go) and instantly associate the car even when watching the full video with even a mention of trying to sell the car. Hopefully as a result of liking OK Go and their crazy music videos a person would associate the happy feeling with the car and thus want to purchase the car. If you're like me this commercial did a very good job of it, judging by the fact that I can still associate the full music video with the commercial and the car. With a little more digging you can find a whole string of commercials produced by Chevy for this car with other icons. My question for you is this: Has there ever been a more successful ad campaign capitalizing on a pop culture icon?

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