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Smelling Axey

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Have you ever seen an overly exaggerated commercial that caught your attention? There are many commercials that have misled the general people with extra affects that are only meant to attract customers. For example, the commercials of Axe products exaggerates the ability of their deodorants by showing how their products attract the opposite sex. One of their newest commercial advertises their new product, Axe Anarchy for men and women. This commercial tries to manipulate the audience's way of thinking by showing how their product can boost one's sexual attractiveness. In this advertisement, they chose two models with ideal bodies to grab the audience's attention. By doing so, the commercial gives the audience, a sense of thinking that they can feel as attractive as the models in the commercial. By showing how attractive each models is to each other when wearing Axe, it makes the audience believe that they can boost their sex appeal, if they wore Axe too. The commercial also showed the amount of distance, each model ran to find each other. This part of the commercial is also a manipulation technique, used to show how strong the product is and how it can attract another person from that distance. The company manipulate their costumers emotions by exaggerating the affects of their products, and by doing so they attract more customers.

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