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Dolphin Language

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Have you ever wondered if animals can talk to each other? There is also the question of whether this communication can be considered language or not. An aquarium in Hawaii decided to see if they really can talk to each other. They put a mother dolphin and her baby in two separate tanks and used an audio device to see whether they would talk back and forth to each other. And they did! But exactly what they were saying, experts are not sure. Scientists do believe that the mother and her baby knew they were talking to each other since their responses were going back and forth pretty quickly. Dolphins seem to have their own secret language that scientists haven't been able to decode. Dolphins communicate by squawking, whistling, clicking, and squeaking. Scientists around the world have noticed that when one dolphin starts talking, other dolphins seem to answer whatever they are saying. Dolphins also seem to communicate through posture, jaw clapping, bubble blowing, and fin caresses. Dolphins also seem to be able to communicate with one another even when they are nowhere near one another. For instance, if one dolphin is in danger, they will call to other dolphins to come help them. For scientists that have studied dolphin language, they find it very difficult. This is because dolphins can stay underwater for up to 10 minutes, so locating the dolphins once they have been underwater for a long time can be very tricky. Dolphin language is also difficult to study because it changes depending on what they are doing. They could be feeding, fighting, or playing and different calls can mean different things at different times. So, when asked the question if the communication among animals can be described as language, I think that it can. I think that animal language is very similar to other groups of people speaking different languages. Just because we do not know what animals are saying does not mean that what they are saying is not considered language.

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