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When you hear the term "sleepwalker" what do you picture? Most imagine a person with eyes closed and arms stretched out, "zombie style". In reality, this image of a sleepwalking person is a myth. Sleepwalkers, or somnambulists, actually act just like a fully awake, overly clumsy person. Many sleepwalkers perform activities that one would do when they were awake such as walking and even driving cars. Also, the majority of sleepwalking occurs in childhood, as almost 1/3 of kids have sleepwalked.

The most interesting thing I have found about sleepwalking is that it can be used as an explanation for murdering someone. As told in our book, a man drove his car, took a tire iron, and killed his mother -in-law and injured his father-in-law. Interesting enough, the jury found this a plausible defense and declared the man innocent. That doesn't sound like a good excuse to me.

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