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As a typical college student, my Sundays consist of recovery and procrastination. Many times my procrastination is aided by the every so great invention of television. Today it consisted of an epic marathon of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, lets just say I was very lucky to have completed this blog. While watch one episode in particular there was a situation where one man had such an influence on others in their so called "group" of religious background that they refused to give information to the police that had the potential to save a life. This episode reminded me of the psychology theory of Group Think (see the link below for information). In short is the idea that a group will stick to their beliefs no matter what, as a group their ideas become more concrete to them and they tend to neglect what others say or try to explain to them. Take the following cartoon for an example.GroupThink.gif
One man in this picture says ONE thing and everyone goes with it. One can see the dangers of group think in the cartoon. I found this topic particularly interesting because it makes me wonder how often group think influences the way we act on a day to day basis. How often are we truly influenced by group think? Now, I understand the that the law in order example was a little extreme, but I am sure everyone is familiar with the beginning of Law and Order......
Seems pretty real to me just saying. That point I was trying to get at with this blog, was to spark a discussion on how often you feel like Group Think affects your life?


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