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In chapter 10, I read one concept which I think it's pretty attractive. It's Prematurity. My mother told me I was a preterm birth baby, so I have more interesting on this content. Premature infants are those born at fewer than 36 week's gestation. There is a positive correlation between infant survivability rate and gestation week, and it's negative between odds of fetal survival and the odds of developmental disorders. Unfortunately, babies who under 21 weeks are 0% survival rate now. According to the : An infant who could be the youngest surviving premature baby in the word...was born in early November at 21 weeks and five days into the mother's pregnancy, weighting just one pound ( NewsCore, published April 21,2011). I think It's amazing that this baby survived. Obviously, a preterm birth baby might have some problems of their cognitive and physical development because they have underdeveloped organs when they were born. In my opinion, we should avoid preterm birth baby as possible as we can. Pregnant women should visit doctors on time. In addition, it would be better to create a pleasure environment when you are pregnant, especially near your expected date of confinement (EDC).

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