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Sex, Penis, and Vagina

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The title got your attention didn't it? That was the point. This relates to the cocktail effect. The cocktail effect is when you aren't paying attention but are able to pick out words from a conversation going on around you that will grab your attention. When I was in high school my health teacher would say things like sex, penis, and vagina to get the classes attention. It worked every time. Our whole class would not be paying attention and talking to the people next to us and then we would pick out these words and would perk up to see what the teacher was talking about. While my teacher used these words saying someone's name works too.

It got its name as the cocktail effect because people are able to pick out select words that will grab their attention even while there is a lot of stuff going on. So next time you try grabbing someone's attention try using words that will make the person look to see what's going on.

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