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So far i have really enjoyed psych 1001, I am a psych major so all of it is very interesting to me! If i had to choose what has been the most interesting for me I would say Biological Psychology, specifically nature vs nurture and gentetics. I think it is so interesting to see how behaviors might be connected to genetics, and thinking about what might cause behaviors in general. My goal career is a behavioral analysist (criminal profiler if you will) for the FBI so anythink with behavior and causes is highly interesting to me!
I hope to learn more about behavioral psychology and disorders as the semester goes on. I truly find the human mind and how it works interesting and amazing, and look forward to learning more about it! For discussion, I am hoping to learn how to move as fast on my computer as I need to because I cant keep up with how fast our leader goes!
~Bailee Meyer

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Sorry! I'll try to slow down a bit. We just get so crunched for time that I figure that if I talk faster, we can get more done. Please stop me in class if I get going to fast and you miss something; I don't want you to miss anything.

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