Nature vs. Nurture

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In psychology 1001, we have covered some very interesting and important topics that effect our mindsets and how we are perceived as individuals. The research finding that I believe is the most interesting is the nature vs. nurture concept described in chapter 3: biological psychology. The nature vs. nurture is a very important finding in psychology and informs the public about how DNA and the world around us can influence the brain's behavior.

Nature vs. nurture is precisely the way our genes and DNA along with our surroundings in the environment can shape the person we are. A big part of it is our genes which play a part in physical aspects such as height, hair color, eye color, skin color and much more. The second part of this finding, the environment, can include multiple things such as the people we live with and how we were raised as a child, friends who one may spend hours a day with, the town or city we lived in as children, the education one has received, or even the social class we belong to such as the high, middle or low class or even whether or not one is living below the poverty line. All these factors contribute to our physical, mental and emotional beings we develop into throughout a lifetime.

This psychological research finding is important since it gives insight into how genes and the environment can influence a person's physical traits, actions, thoughts and behavior. It is able to make connections as to how a person's behavior is related to their genetic makeup along with what kind of environment they are living in. With this concept, a psychologist is able to find whether a person's actions or thoughts are due to their genes, their environment or maybe even a little bit of both.

This psychological finding has related to my personal life as a child and growing up. In the past, I have had to deal with my parents fighting and yelling at each other over their latest argument. Whether it was about money, divorce or affairs, it seemed as though it was a weekly task to fight about something that they had trouble with. It really hurt me to see them yell at each other and especially to see them cry at the end of it. These rough times have definitely had a huge impact on my life growing up because I was never sure if everything was alright, or if my parents were just saying that to make my sister and I feel better. It made me realize that marriage is not perfect and it takes a lot to keep peace and happiness present in any home. The nature of this problem made my emotions run wild. I did not know what to do or say to keep them from fighting. My past had definitely affected the person I am today all because of my genes, but also because of the home and environment I was raised in.

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