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I found the idea of neurons extremely interesting. I have never enjoyed science, but the process of human thought and action is very intriguing. It is amazing how fast our brain actually works. The book gave an example of getting a coke from a pop machine. The process it takes to do that simple action takes numerous steps. Yet, the brain takes milliseconds to do each step and allows us to quickly and easily finish the action. I go through daily life without even thinking about this, so when I was amazed when I read it. I am really looking forward to learning about different personalities. It is obvious that everyone is different physically. On the other hand, you can't tell the differences in people's personalities by just looking at them. I want to find out what makes people's personalities different, and what makes them alike. One other thing I am looking forward to learning about is emotion. Sometimes it can be easy to tell whether or not a person is happy or sad, but sometimes it is nearly impossible. I want to learn what makes a person feel the emotions they are feeling, and how to tell what another person is feeling.

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