Assignment 4- Importance of Proximity

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The majority of our closest friends live, study, work and socialize in close proximity of us. This is a simple truth of human relationships. Proximity means physical nearness, a predictor of attraction and affords the opportunity for relationships to form.
From an early age, children are given assigned seating in their classrooms in alphabetical order. As a result kids tend to have friends whose last names either start with the same letter or a letter close to theirs in the alphabet. The reason for this was because they saw each other on a regular basis. In this article called "Role of Attitude Similarity and Proximity in Interpersonal Attraction among Friends" it states relationships have always been an issue of major significance for all human beings. By clicking hereyou can read the mentioned results of the importance in proximity in friendships.
Psychological research shows that physical proximity, such as being seated next to each other in a classroom, can set the stage for later attraction. Decades of studies on attraction have found there is a positive correlation between physical proximity and attraction. In other words, the smaller the proximity of space between people the more likely they are to be attracted to one another. The video released by Ori Brafman with Sanford University's Entrepreneur Corner he states that proximity plays a major role in helping individuals to form instant connections.

Why does proximity lead to attraction? The more often you see someone the more chance you have to talk with them and get to know them. The more you talk with them the more you discover similarities, values, interests, which can lead to deeper friendships or even relationships. Consider a couple that is involved in a long-distance relationship. The cost of that relationship adds up in ways most don't recognize. Consequently, when considering potential romantic partners, individuals with a closer proximity may have an advantage simply because there are fewer physical burdens. Proximity plays a major role in all relationships.

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