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We've learned about a lot of different areas of psychology this semester. When looking back, I see myself remembering the most about developmental psychology five years from now. Developmental psychology is the study of how behavior changes over the life span. I will remember this area of psychology the best because I am interested in learning how parenting and environmental factors play roles in a child's life. I also look forward to having kids of my own one day, and knowing developmental psychology will help understand what area of development my child is in, and how to parent during that stage. One area I find especially interesting in developmental psychology is the parenting styles and how they affect a child. After reading about the parenting styles; permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative, I realized that the best parenting style for me is authoritative. I think this is a lot like the way my parents raised my brother and me, and I believe they were successful in doing so. My parents set good authoritative rules by giving us a curfew, punishing us when we broke rules, and giving us appropriate punishments. However, they made sure reward us with our free time as well. They let us go out with our friends, and even when given permission, come in later then curfew. I would like to raise my children this way as well because I see the benefits of it by the way my brother and I turned out.

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