Love and Compassion

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I think that the concept of love and compassion will be the thing I will remember the most out of psychology. The main reason why I will remember love and compassion is because in five years or so I will be looking for a potential partner and knowing the triangular theory of love and the definitions of passionate and companionate love will be very beneficial. It will even help me in looking for a partner and what I can see in her that I will like and want to spend the rest of my life with.

I have had a few relationships in my past and when we learned about the types of love in class, I could see the ways of the triangular theory of love in my different relationships. When looking back on my past relationships and seeing how the different types of love have been shown in those relationships can really help me in my future relationships so that I can find the right girl. Love and compassion is a big part of what I want to achieve in live, so remembering the concept of love will be very beneficial for me and my partner.

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