August 18, 2004

Science Writing Services

In an effort to assist students in the sciences seeking support in their classroom and research writing projects (including thesis writing), the Magrath Library provides drop-in assistance at the Magrath Writer's Help Desk.

The Online Writing Center in the Department of Rhetoric specializes in support of scientific and technical writing.

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Libraries Bioinformatics Workshops

The University Libraries offers two hour-long workshops at its Bio-Medical Library and Magrath Library locations, geared for researchers and students who are new to bioinformatics resources. The workshops are offered approximately once per semester (watch here for Spring 2005 wokshop dates), and can also be offered as one-on-one consultation sessions or presented as guest lectures to for-credit courses.

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Introduction to NCBI Search Systems

This hands-on session introduces search tools provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for using core bioinformatics databases such as GenBank and RefSeq. Use of the Entrez text-search engine and the BLAST sequence similarity engine are introduced.

Introduction to Bioinformatics Resources

This session provides an overview of public domain bioinformatics resources and tools available on the Internet from providers such as NCBI, ExPASy, BRENDA, and GO.

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