February 14, 2006

This Week’s University Libraries Update for the Molecular Biosciences

This update is being sent to members of the Depts of BMBB, GCD, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Physiology. Anyone is welcome to sign up to receive the update using the form at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/messn006/molbiolibrary/ (near the top right of the page).

If you would like to be removed from this list, or if you have any questions regarding the update or U Libraries’ services in general, please contact Kevin Messner, your departmental liaison, at messn006@umn.edu

1) Science of Synthesis Now Available Online:

2) BioMed Central launches Biology Direct:

3) SciFinder Scholar for PC: Install New Version by March 3:

Posted by Kevin Messner at 3:52 PM

Science of Synthesis Now Available Online

Science of Synthesis is an electronic version of the reference work by the same name; it also provides access to Houben-Weyl (Methods of Organic Chemistry) which includes references back to 1835. Science of Synthesis covers both organic and organometallic synthetic methods. The methods are evaluated and include full experimental details. The content is full-text, structure, and reaction searchable. It works best with Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, and pop-up blockers should be disabled.

Science of Synthesis can be accesses through the Libraries Indexes page. The direct URL for SoS is http://www.lib.umn.edu/cgi-bin/sos.cgi

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February 7, 2006

BioMed Central launches Biology Direct

From BioMed Central: BioMed Central is pleased to announce the launch of Biology Direct, a new online open access journal with a novel system of peer review. Biology Direct launches with publications in the fields of Systems Biology, Computational Biology, and Evolutionary Biology, with an Immunology section to follow soon. The journal considers original research articles, hypotheses, and reviews and will eventually cover the full spectrum of biology.

Biology Direct is led by Editors-in-Chief David J Lipman, Director of the National Center Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at NIH, USA; Eugene V Koonin, Senior Investigator at NCBI; and Laura Landweber, Associate Professor at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA.

The journal will operate completely open peer review, with named peer reviewers' reports published alongside each article. The journal also takes the innovative step of requiring that the author approach Biology Direct Editorial Board members directly to obtain their agreement to review the manuscript or to nominate alternative reviewers.

For more information about the launch of Biology Direct, read the press release. For more information about the journal or about how to submit a manuscript to the journal, visit the Biology Direct website.

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February 6, 2006

SciFinder Scholar for PC: Install New Version by March 31

If you use SciFinder Scholar for PC and haven't yet upgraded to the 2006 version, please make this upgrade in the next few weeks. It's just about two months until SciFinder Scholar 2002, 2004 and 2004.1 versions for Microsoft Windows will be retired. You have until March 31, 2006; after this date the older versions will no longer work.

Upgrade instructions are available at http://www.lib.umn.edu/slog.phtml?url=http://sciweb.lib.umn.edu/subject/software/

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