July 12, 2006

New Version of SciFinder Scholar for Mac OS X Available

There is a new version of SciFinder for Mac OS X now available for download at http://www.lib.umn.edu/slog.phtml?url=http://sciweb.lib.umn.edu/subject/software/.

CAS didn't specify a date for ending support of the previous version, so to our knowledge anyone using the Mac version that came out last fall should be fine for now.

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July 11, 2006

This Week's University Libraries Update for the Molecular Biosciences

This University Libraries update is being sent to members of the Depts of BMBB, GCD, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Physiology. Others are welcome to sign up to receive the update -- please email me at messn006@umn.edu.

1) Libraries subscribing to Nature Protocols:

2) Libraries orientations, guest lectures, web pages for fall classes:

3) Print Journal Reduction at Bio-Medical Library:

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Libraries subscribing to Nature Protocols

The U Libraries are now subscribing to Nature Protocols, a new resource from Nature Publishing Group. Nature Protocols is an online resource for experimental protocols, primarily in biology and chemistry, including authoritative, peer-reviewed 'Nature Protocols' and an interactive 'Protocols Network'. The two create a dynamic forum for scientists to upload and comment on protocols.

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Libraries orientations, guest lectures, web pages for fall classes

If you are working with new students or staff starting at the U, or planning a fall course which includes a writing or research paper component, the Libraries offer a number of services which may be of interest. For new students or staff members, we're always available to provide an overview orientation to U Libraries services and systems. Similarly, we can offer basic orientations to particular classes as they start to use the library for their coursework or research. Beyond that, I speak to various classes on topics such as crafting a good research paper, how to select high quality information sources on the web, keeping organized while conducting literature research, and more.

Additionally, if there is a set of articles, books, journals, web sites, or other resources which you'll use in your class, the Libraries can prepare a CourseLib web page to help provide access and maintain links to these materials.

Drop me a line if you're interested in having me or a colleague in the Libraries speak to your class or put together a web page for your class. We're happy to work with you to suit your needs.

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Print Journal Reduction at Bio-Medical Library

The Bio-Medical Library is assessing our print journal collections this summer, trying to find journals which we can switch our print subscriptions to online format, or if we currently receive both formats, cancel the print subscription. The hope in reducing print subscriptions is to find cost savings to allow subscription to additional titles not currently received by the Libraries.

To be clear, we will not be cancelling any journal subscriptions outright during this project -- any journals which we stop receiving in print will be received electronically instead.

Also, we don't want to cancel print journals which are still important to users. If there are any particular journal titles which you use in print at the Bio-Medical Library and feel it is important that the library continues to receive in print, please feel free to drop me a line at messn006@umn.edu. It's most helpful if you can specify particular titles.

By the same token, if there are any journals which we only subscribe to in print and you want online access, let me know. (In some cases, we've been unable to obtain online access; but there may be some titles which we can try to readdress.)

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