March 26, 2005

binfoPlasma - the bioinformatics encyclopedia is here!!!!

It brings us immense pleasure to announce the release of binfoPlasma the Bioinformatics Encyclopedia (

On binfoPlasma you can find:

1. Definitions to key terms in bioinformatics and related fields
2. Links to related terms in the encyclopedia
3. Suggested Reading : Links to sources of more information on each term (books, journals, research papers, web sites and other online resources, etc)

BinfoPlasma is an online encyclopedia "by the bioinformatics community, for the bioinformatics community".

As a binfoPlasman, you can

1. Search binfoPlasma for a specific term definition using the Search/Go option.
2. Browse through subject categories like Mathematics/Life Sciences/Statistics etc for terms.
3. Browse through alphabetical categories for terms
4. Contribute new term definitions to binfoPlasma's growing repository
5. Add more information (text or images) to existing term definitions
6. Share your views on specific topics with other binfoPlasmans through discussions on the "talk pages/user pages".

Visit binfoPlasma at today!!!!!

Once again extending a warm invitation to join us on our journey to bioinformatics excellence.

~Team binfoPlasma


Posted by Kevin Messner at 2:09 AM

March 14, 2005


BiosciEdNet (BEN) provides access to resources from BEN Collaborative partner organizations and is managed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Over 3,500 reviewed resources covering 76 biological sciences topics are now available.


Posted by Kevin Messner at 12:05 AM is a website for students just being introduced to the field. Included on the website are slides that cover introductory molecular biology, introductory algorithmics, and applications of algorithms to molecular biology.

The site also functions as a class website: rather than each instructor maintaining a separate website, can host all classes. Discussion groups, chat rooms, online quizzes, creating assignments, and disseminating grades are some of the features of this free service. It has powerpoints, practical problems, implementation problems, solutions, etc as well as a large list of Bioinformatics Professors worldwide with links to their sites (about 200 links). Finally, we are building a comprehensive directory of the bioinformatics community and presenting this as a portal from


Posted by Kevin Messner at 12:01 AM