Orientation for FOLC

Yesterday I attended my orientation for the program I will be working with through the Family Opportunities for Living Collaboration (FOLC) where I will be teaching the speaking and writing conversational/daily English component to a health class for primarily middle-aged Somalian woman. I had my orientation at the headquarters, which is a very small cramped office in the Cedar area, and met with the director of volunteers for the FOLC. The meeting was very informal, I did most of the talking, and she wasn't able to answer many of my questions, but wants me to start next week. This is a little scary, but actually quite exciting. As I said to her, I don't think I would get the opportunity to do something like this or learn what I am going to learn through any other program. I shadow the other tutor on Monday over at the "classroom" (a cafeteria in a public housing complex near the Triple Rock) and then I start teaching my own class that following Wednesday. Pretty scary, but I am a pretty confident guy, hope they like me and actually learn something from me.

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