1st Day at Hope Lodge

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I just got back from volunteering at Hope Lodge, and already I'm looking forward to going back again. When I got there this morning, I couldn't figure out how to get in, like usual. They have a secure door, so the person at the front desk has to buzz you in. However, every time they've tried to buzz me in, I haven't been able to get in! That was definitely the first challenge, but it got easier from there. I met Marilee, who is one of the weekend staff, and she introduced me to volunteering at the front desk. These duties include letting people into the building, sorting mail, answering phone calls, and taking and handing out room keys when the guests come and go. After that, I manned the front desk, and met a woman who was there for a group meeting. At first it was hard to communicate because she was deaf and could only lip read, but after I slowed down I was able to escort her to the right room. When Lisa, another volunteer, came, we made beds for new guests coming to stay, and did some laundry as well. Overall, my first day was very exciting and the Hope Lodge felt very welcoming.

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I am glad you were able to communicate with the woman. It sounds like quite the challenge to overcome.

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