First Week at Hope Lodge

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My first day at the Hope Lodge was pretty uneventful but nevertheless anything I did seemed very appreciated and I felt very welcomed. I met with the assistant manager and she showed me what my responsibilities would be while I volunteered. Since there were already 2 people working the front desk I only briefly learned what I would be doing there. For the remainder of my time volunteering I mostly cleaned the kitchens since they had just had their potluck dinner. I also met a few of the residents who seemed very nice and appreciative. One woman was watching American Idol and we chatted for awhile about what we thought of the contestants and who should be voted off the show. Another man followed me while I cleaned and sanitized the kitchens and told me all about the potluck dinner they had just had and kept urging me to try some of the leftover chocolate from the chocolate fountain. I was really disappointed this week when I caught a bad cold and was unable to volunteer since no one should be around cancer patients with any sickness. Overall I felt very comfortable and welcomed and I am excited to go back.

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That sounds like a very nice group to be working with. I can't wait to hear more about the other people you meet and how you are growing as a leader. Hope you got over your cold!

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