October 28, 2006

The U

I was born in Wausau, WI on December 10, 1987. I have lived in Wausau, in the same house, my whole life until I moved to Minneapolis this year to attend the University. I think I made a good choice in choosing a college that was right for me. When I was applying for college during my senior year in high school, I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. However, I thought I wanted a small school in a big city. This attracted me to many private schools. Marquette University, in Milwaukee, was particularly appealing to me along with Loyola University in Chicago. I visited these campuses and fell in love.
As time went on, I began to think about studying some sort of business. I have always been good at math and liked dealing with numbers, so this sounded like a good field for me. Loyola University, however, did not have as strong of a business program as Marquette. There were still two problems with Marquette though: the area around campus is questionable, and the cost. I wanted to feel safe at school and even with some scholarships, tuition would have been pricey. This is when I started looking at bigger, public colleges. The University of Minnesota was the first one I looked into. My sister attened the U her freshman year of college, and liked it. Also, I had only heard good things about it and I liked the campus. Since I was thinking about a business major, it was obvious to me that the Carlson School of Management was where I belonged. As one of the top-ranked business schools in the country, I applied, was accepted, and agreed to confirm my spot at the U. Since all is going well so far, I know I made the right decision.