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Hi everyone,
This is another form of communication within our CSpH 5000: Nature Heals course. The blogging format is intended to be a place to stay on topic but with more creativity. Here is where you can post images, articles, videos, music, etc. that pertain to our course from the right side of your brain.

The blog allows you to expand on a topic found from the readings that was interesting to you and illustrate it with qualitative information. For example, if one of the readings was about the destruction of the environment based on human egotistic dominance, you might find something in your research that really represented that idea in a video.

MAN video

After you upload the video, you refer to the reading that sparked your interest in the topic and tell us why it represents meaning to you.

You can do this for at least one but no more than three topics.

After you've writen your entry - make sure you on comment on a minimum of one other student's work, That's it!

It is my hope this provides you the opportuninty to further integrate the readings into your understanding.

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