A Sunset

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For last week's personal nature activity, we were asked to think about an environment in nature that we feel best. I love the ocean, and I am unable to hear or experience it much living in this part of the nation. I thought of that while I was in Hawaii recently so took a video of the sun setting on the beach.

Nature is not just about what you see, it is also what you can hear, feel, smell, and just experience. I knew that looking at the video would not be the same, but it could help me remember. The sun felt so warm on my face and arms and the sand and lava rocks poked and pinched under my feet in my sandals. The way the air smelled briny as tiny splashes of foam sprayed me.

There is a lot of natural beauty around me here that I absolutely appreciate. However, sometimes it's nice to visit a tropical place, especially in the middle of winter with an impending blizzard, even if that visit is only in my memories. Do you have somewhere that you escape to in your mind?

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What a neat video! I have never visited anywhere tropical, although I have a lot of desert and sea and ocean and mountain and prairie under my belt. When we were doing this week's exercise, I came to the conclusion that, when I think about what in nature draws me, it usually has a lot to do with breathing. I remember how it felt to breathe in certain places, which makes me wonder how much I'm NOT breathing in "real life," lol. I've always thought pictures of the tropics make it look so wonderful, but I end up choosing vacations near the mountains or in cool oceans, so I haven't tried it yet. I hope you get a chance to go up to Duluth often, thinking about Big Water around here! There is a wonderful sand beach up there, or Traverse City, MI is a bit of a haul, but was ranked recently as the Number One Beach in America!

I was trying to think about your escape in the mind question, and was interested to note that I have been totally bored in life, and usually end up trying to figure something out, like how to make something or design something (like a submarine or a rain bucket, lol). I also think about colors I like, in the context of art I'd like to create. Oddly enough, which I dream vividly about nature and associate nature with out-loud vacation or trip requests, and take a lot of time out of my day to acknowledge sunlight in trees, grass, dirt, and other nature encounters that I have in my ordinary day, I don't actually daydream much about nature. That gives me something to think about this week - thanks for the prompt!!

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