Creating Art in Nature

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Andy Goldsworthy is one of my favorite environmental artists.
He explores nature and natural shapes and processes through
his artistic expression. Art is a fundamental outlet for connecting
to the environment. After reading through many of the readings,
I was reminded of the importance of integrating art into our healing
practices. This video is a compilation of his art set to music (not made by me).
I highly recomend the documentary, Rivers & Tides, about the artist.

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I am absolutely in love with some of the art that Andy Goldsworthy creates in Nature. I also watched Rivers and Tides and really enjoyed it. I think that what is really unique about his work is that he captures the essence of the subject matter. One of the most memorable parts of Rivers and Tides for me was when he had formed a ball of the red powder from the river stones and tossed it up into the air. The shimmer of red for just a moment was subtle and beautiful, like a spirit. Like nature, his work is dynamic and is influenced by wind, water, or the heat of sun coming up. Humans and Nature are connected. Like you said, he uses art to connect with nature in a beautiful and meaningful way.

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