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Hi Everyone,

I feel like all our readings so far have discussed how we are connected with nature and how nature makes us feel better. Over the summer I heard this lovely song by Locklin Road and I think it perfectly sums up what we have learned so far.

"The earth sings out to me
every bird and every flower
growing closer every hour
here is all I ever need"

I think these four lines are the most important out of the whole song. More importantly they fit in right with the biophilia hypothesis. These lyrics remind me of "Biophilia: Does Visual Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being?" In this article Grinde & Grindal Patil (2009) found that the biophilia hypothesis has merit and that the availability of nature correlates positively with health.

This song and topic has meaning to me because I have spent my whole life growing up in the outdoors and I would not trade it for anything. It pains me to see my three year old second cousin sitting in her parent's house playing with her iPad. She and many other children do not get the opportunity to go outside to play and appreciate nature because they have been sucked in by technology. Although the biophilia hypothesis may impact her and she may like flowers she does not get the opportunity to advance on it because she has spent her whole life inside.

I think it is really important to interact with nature. I feel like we are not truly experiencing life until we can go outside and be happy.

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