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I just thought I would share a few thoughts on libraries and nature. One of my dreams at Magrath Library is to offer a tool library. Just down the street is the St. Paul Graduate and Family Cooperative Housing, and many of the residents have small garden plots. It would be wonderful if we had a few boxes of shovels, trowels, and other tools for them to check out and use in their gardens. This is an idea I have right now to help bridge nature and libraries.


NPR did a fantastic story on a small public library which is starting an informal seed bank. Another public library created an extensive nature explorium.

We have a wonderful Andersen Horticultural Library at the UMN Arboretum. I do hope you will visit the collection, which has amazing botanical prints, one of the largest collections of seed catalogs in the United States, and many more treasures, including the amazing array of Nakashima furniture.


I love this idea! Will you try to get it going this spring? Do you need help? I wonder what's involved in getting the idea up and running. I suppose libraries of all sorts have an important role for society in the face of dwindling resources. And the nature explorium is such a great idea for kids.

As someone who lived at the Como Co-op (and therefore, had a lot in common with CTC), I love this idea. It reminds me of those little lending libraries that people are putting on their lawns or over at Silverwood Park. I also think of the Walker Art Center's outdoor play space (including the sculture garden and the sculpture you go into to look up at the sky, and the Roseville Library's outdoor space. Nothing beats a good book outside under a tree - and St Paul Campus is so pretty! I bet you can do all kinds of things! The Hennepin County system had been working with the Humane Society (I think it was them - somebody with a lot of spare dogs anyway) on having kids read outloud to borrowed dogs to increase literacy - I wonder if that program had a formal evaluation? The dog component was supposed to be critical to it - I wonder how that played out officially? I know that we, as a family, thought it was a good time!! I like your idea to link nature and libraries - two fundamental aspects of my life woven together always sounds like a good idea, though!!

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