Other Natural Wonders Besides Life on Land


Having learned about our interactions with nature thus far, I wanted to incorporate not only life on land but also life in water because life and nature just does not stop here where it is dry. Life on, in, and around the coral reefs--the largest located in Australia--shows an intricate and diversifying pattern of biological life. One thought that jumped out at me was the fact that some of the things that can destroy one way of life can have a rippling effect on others if there is not a balance put in place for human interactions with nature. Here in this video, I remembered listening to a documentary about coral reefs being a natural barrier for protecting the shores of land masses; the documentary that I had seen is a little obscure right now, so I hope you all enjoy the video. Because the world is also made out of approximately 3/4 of water, I thought this video showed a spectacular array of life beyond the land we live on.


beautiful! I love that you added this - check out the work of Wallace Nichols in California

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