Silence as a component of therapeutic landscapes.



I have been thinking a lot lately about the disappearance of silence. My friend recommended that I check of the work of Gordon Hempton, a sound artist. He records sounds from nature. There is a great interview with him from The Sun magazine.

Also, I have included a poem from Pablo Neruda and a photo!


I really enjoyed reading this poem. I found that in some of my Nature Activities, I could hear the sound of cars in the distance. This definitely got me thinking of how hard it can be to totally get away!

What a wonderful poem; thanks for sharing! I was struck by the many passive and active images of nature: the number twelve, the cold sea, whales, green wars, shade, life, death, silence....

Reading and thinking about these images and the poem had a cathartic effect on me that I imagine is probably similar to what many people experience as the positive benefits of alternative and natural therapies such as therapeutic horticulture.

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