The Importance of Nature

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I thought that this video would be a good one to share. You might look at it and wonder why I shared one about dogs. However, just like humans, animals need nature for their well-being too. This video definitely shows the importance of nature, and what can happen if one is deprived from it.

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As an animal lover and pet owner this touched me. I was saddened by the looks on the faces of the beagles when their cages were first opened. I thought I saw fear, then almost a puppy smile, then almost fear again in their eyes. It was as if they were excited, but too afraid to believe it was true.
I have a big dog that is lazy as can be. He does, however, love going for walks in the woods. He will even play until he is almost frost-bitten on his legs that have little hair for covering. I can’t imagine him never being able to go outside and experience that joy. I’m glad that those dogs were rescued and that they have been given the chance to experience nature the way they should.

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