Therapeutic Landscape @ Henry Ford Hospital

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Reading about therapeutic landscapes it's easy to imagine well-designed patios and natural spaces off of therapy rooms at suburban clinics or small groups of people in a group counseling session walking slowly across barely visible trails in a rural forest covered with a dense mat of fallen pine needles. But how do you integrate therapeutic landscapes into the world of large, sterile, urban hospitals? What does that look like? Is it even possible?

Henry Ford Hospital shows that it can be done and the results are breathtaking...

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Thank you for including this video. I can't believe this is a hospital in Detroit where I worked years ago. Or is it a campus in a more affluent suburb? The story behind the atriums would be fascinating. I wondered about the speaker's background and how it may have contributed to the atrium development. Although we're all here to provide care, I appreciated that the first population described to benefit was the staff. It suggested a commitment to caring for the staff which would naturally flow to to caring for the patients. What a marvelous way to combat burn-out. Marta

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