Animal-Assisted Interactions


In keeping with the theme of the previous blog postings for the week, I wanted to post a video of animal-assisted therapy that utilizes animals other than dogs. The quality is not the greatest.

Here is one of a therapy duck:

Also, I was curious about the historical uses of animals within different medical facilities and stumbled upon these pictures taken by Francis Miller for Life Magazine in the 1950's. I was unable to find any other information about the use of animals within this hospital, but I thought the pictures were great! More images from this facility can be found Life photo archive hosted by

Francis Miller Life Michigan US September 1956.jpg

Miller, F. "Animal therapy Michigan Hospital". Photo. Sept. 1956. Retrieved 31 March 2013.


What an amazing picture! Thank you for sharing it. I've been in many hospitals and have never seen anything like this. I love that the children were brought to the water and animals instead of the other way around. The simple joy on the faces of these boys is a wonderful testament for animal assisted therapy and activities!

Thanks for sharing! Sometimes photos can speak louder than words!I had no idea that these therapies had such a long history!

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