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Before last week I thought I understood what therapeutic horticulture meant, but as we learned more about therapeutic horticulture and landscape I realized that I was grouping these two topics together. After last weeks readings I realized that I did not truly know what therapeutic horticulture is. I did a little research and I found that the Dallas Arboretum offered a pretty extensive therapeutic horticulture program.

Not only does the arboretum offer programs at their location, but they are willing to travel to different locations to offer on the go programs. It seems like many of their programs are arts and crafts related. Also I think their slogan is very related to our class "let nature nurture you." From what I understood from the website it appears that therapeutic horticulture is engaging people in hands-on activities related to horticulture products.

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Its great that places like this are willing and able to offer these types of programs! I wonder what it would take for the Minnesota Landscape arboretum does several events that do the same thing, but I am curious as to what it would take to make therapeutic horticulture a full time practice.

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