Dogs like music too!

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My dog and I hang out together a lot. We go to the park, play in the house, and generally cause happiness and chaos when we can. However, I've never had a dog that sang or howled with me, although I've tried many times with all dogs I've had in my life. When listening to the radio with him, he doesn't seem to care about the music. I was especially happy, then when I saw this video of a dog happily watching his human play guitar. Has anyone else seen something like this? The dog smiles and bops his little head to the beat. I don't play guitar and don't have room in my house for a piano so I've never been able to play for my pooch. I'd like to think, though, that he'd be as happy with me for my entertainment as I am with him for all of his silliness. I bet both the man and dog in this video were feeling good about their interaction.

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