Therapeutic Horticulture for Veterans


I found a short video that interviews some veterans who are involved in TH and discusses what TH does for them.

I do not know of any TH that is available in the area where I live, nor where I grew up. Has anyone seen or been involved with TH in their communities? I would love to see something like this at the VA Center here!


What a sweet video. The benefits that the interviewees feel from HT couldn't be clearer. I don't know if they have it at the VA here but it seems like a great idea especially since I imagine healing is not a one size fits all procedure I would think it would be advantageous for veterans to have options. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting this video, I really enjoyed it! It would be lovely to see TH as a part the the treatment and therapy that veterans get here in MN! What struck me in the video was one of the female veterans comments about the idea that through TH she was able to see new life and growth; that life does continue. I can understand how someone coming back from war would really benefit helping to nurture and bring about new life.

I also posted a YouTube video of TH for veterans (at an Ohio Veterans home) It's very cool to see how much the veterans enjoy the gardens. Listening to them speak in detail about watching the vegetables and plants grow is awesome. It gives them that extra something to look forward to each day!

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