Care Farming for Indivdiuals with Disabilites

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I wanted to share some information about The Farm in the Dell Foundation. This foundation helps create CSA type farms that are run by individuals who are disabled. The farms provide skill development, meaningful work, society integration, some level of independence, and therapeutic horticulture for the clients who work there. There are multiple farms currently set and running up by the foundation, and I know they are trying to get another started in my area. I've included a video about the organization that does a good job describing what they do from the perspectives of those involved with the farms.

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Neat video. I wonder if there are any green care farms for people with disabilities in MN? I really liked the idea of the people working at the farm and then going out and being a part of the community to sell their flowers or produce for example. Everyone needs to feel like they are needed and have a place in society. There seem to be so many different benefits and applications for green care farms.

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