Care Farming in Europe & the U.S.


It seems that Care Farming has much more of a presence in Europe than in the U.S. It was very easy to find information on farms in Europe, particularly the U.K. and the Netherlands. One farm that I discovered, Clinks Care Farm, has a wonderful program which they started in 2010. The program, Farming on Prescription, serves people with both mental and physical health problems. Mental Health Workers & General Practitioners in the area refer people to the 12 week program, where they assist in normal farm duties. Here is a link to the Clinks Care Farm website:

There are a few different videos online about the farm. Here is one from The Guardian:

Another Green Care farm program that I found is Sanctuary One at the Double Oak Farm, located in Oregon. They have a pretty good informational video about the work they do on their website. There are a number of care farms in Minnesota, such as Community Homestead in Osceola, WI and Minnesota Camphill Village in Sauk Centre. A good friend of mine has been working at Community Homestead for the last few years. I had the chance to visit last summer. They have a CSA, bakery, and a woodshop on-site. Here are a few photos from the visit:

community homestead.jpg
Community Homestead 2.jpg


Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the light on the pigs' backs, and the composition of both shots, particularly the one of the chickens, not to mention the colors. There is such a distinctive character. Thank you for sharing,

While looking through your links, I have to say I was so happy to see that Clinks Care Farm also offers free cooking classes! It seems that in today’s culture, there is so much convenience food, that many people don’t know how to cook unless it is from a box. Most of these foods are laden with chemicals, stabilizers, fats, sugars, and more. In providing cooking classes this organization is helping people to learn to cook without that can of condensed soup or jarred sauce. Many foods are really quite quick, easy, and healthy if prepared correctly. However, people may not know how to make them. Also, providing the lessons for free, allows those on limited budgets to also be involved. Oftentimes, some of the cheapest foods are the most processed, so people on strict budgets may feel like these foods are their only options. Free classes that teach how to make easy, healthy, and cheap meals, can provide health benefits to the whole family.

It also intertwines nicely with the farm, because often classes like this showcase meals that utilize foods grown on-site. This may help encourage more people to be involved in the Care Farms, or to plant some foods themselves. So, these cooking practices could also be promoting Green Care, individually, in a roundabout way as well.

Just one more thing- I have to agree with Jean. The pictures are great! :)

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