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This is a video from a National Conference on Care Farming in the UK:

And this is the website from the organization, which talks about some of the efforts to fund and organize themselves:

I liked these pieces of information because it helped me get a sense of what people do in order to make these projects work. The organizing "achievements to date" page lists things like conferences, studies, and practitioners, all of which should have an effect on increasing the credibility of Care Farming as a therapeutic intervention - which is great! My next questions might be done along the lines of a belief elicitation study, wherein I asked people whom I hoped to serve what their present beliefs about Care Farming are. This would be important to understanding what would compel people to seek Care Farming out as an option, or not seek it out. I would also do a similar study among care providers, like medical personnel. Once I knew where the concept stood, I would have an idea of what we would need to overcome in order to continue to promote this concept. I feel like people who are just offered the opportunity could easily find the idea of care farming attractive - but I would want to isolate motivations even farther, in order to better frame the care farming and better understand what exactly patients are hoping to get out of the experience.

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I'm glad you brought up the concept of how to make care farming work. As I was reading this week and researching for the blog I found that almost all of the care farming sites were in the UK. This made me question whether or not care farming farms existed in the United States. The website you found made it very easy for me to translate what we were learning about care farming in the UK to what we could possibly do here in the US. Or even more amazingly in our own backyard. I think the questions listed on the "Starting Up A Care Farm" page are very important for everyone to ask themselves before they start any type of garden.

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