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As our last children moved out of the house, they were sure they would be replaced by the exact same number of cats (4). That didn't happen exactly. We now have a rescue Main Coon cat named Samba who is orienting us to the finer points of her breed. I often watch Animal Planet's Cats 101 looking to see what I can learn about cats in general and specifically about Main Coon cats. One episode about Oriental cats was particularly interesting because the mother didn't expect her son with autism to interact with the camera crew in any way. She was astonished when her son not only talked with the crew, but agreed to be interviewed with his cat. In trying (unsuccessfully) to find a link to that show I found:

1. A father's story about a cat's effect on his autistic son titled "A true story of the miracle a cat brought to an autistic boy" when his son ignored the dogs and adopted a cat @

2. "Felines are great therapy" written by a young man with Aspergers @ autistic-children.html

3. A blog for mothers describing their autistic children's responses to pets @

4. A site that has various stories about pets as therapy with pictures and how therapy cats are certified @

Although I would say that the cats in my life have often provided therapy to me, I was suprised and pleased to read so many stories of their profound effects on children and their families who have such special needs. Marta

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