Wilderness Therapy Program Accreditation

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While I was looking for information about Wilderness Therapy, I came across The Association for Experiential Education (AEE). This non-profit association provides information about and resources for many experiential based therapy programs, including wilderness therapy ones. This information is provided for practitioners, students, educators, and people looking to have involvement with these programs in some way.

In a few posts last week, I read about the concern for making sure a program is truly wilderness therapy and not boot-camp. Utilizing information provided by this organization can help! The organization provides accreditation for programs and information about programs that have been accredited by them. This provides people with additional information so they can be more confident in the type of program that they or their loved ones will be involved in.


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I really liked your post. I have been hearing a lot about, and thinking a lot about, the issues surrounding doulas (re: the bill in the MN State legislature). One of the big issues is accreditation - how do non-medical people validate their position on a medical team working with a woman giving birth? I liked your WT point about how programs that are validated by this group gain credibility - that is one way that the doulas attempted to address their issue too - having an association that agrees to certain standards. It also feels like we talked about this same issue in the beginning of class, talking about ways NBT is trying to move from "children's activity" to validated tool. One step was research, another is getting some momentum on your side - I think the accreditation process might help with that. Thanks for your post - I think it important and relevant!

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